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Nursing Floral Lace Blouse

Nursing Floral Lace Blouse

Nursing Floral Lace Blouse

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Nursing Floral Lace Blouse

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Our Floral Lace Blouse is designed to add a lightweight feminine touch to your wardrobe.

Hidden double zippers with dual pulls for ultimate breastfeeding convenience.

Comfortably embraces your figure throughout all stages of pregnancy, breastfeeding and motherhood.

Designed to last wash after wash.

Maternity wear that doesn't look like maternity wear!

100% Polyester

This maternity Nursing Floral Lace Blouse has never been more stylish and comfortable! To put it simply, this maternity wear doesn’t look or feel like maternity wear! Our nursing Nursing Floral Lace Blouse was made for mothers by mothers. This Nursing Floral Lace Blouse makes it easy for you to nurse your baby while constantly changing to fit your evolving body. This design is made specifically to allow you to embrace your figure throughout all the stages of motherhood: pregnancy, nursing, and beyond. No more need to have multiple sizes of your favorite Nursing Floral Lace Blouse, now, one Nursing Floral Lace Blouse will be wearable before, during, and after your pregnancy.

This Nursing Floral Lace Blouse was made for mothers and with the highest quality material specifically designed to be soft on your baby’s skin. Quickly, safely, and discreetly pump by using our amazing duel zipper feature. Double zippers with dual pulls offer our busy moms the ultimate breastfeeding convenience. Designed to look like a normal Nursing Floral Lace Blouse the duel zippers have been matched to compliment the color of this Nursing Floral Lace Blouse and has been placed where you will have quick and easy access when it’s time to breastfeed or pump. 

Pump anywhere while taking care of business -no more need to go to the bathroom stall! Give yourself the freedom to pump or breastfeed whenever and wherever while looking stylish and feeling comfortable and confident! 

This Nursing Floral Lace Blouse is sure to be your favorite as you move through the stages of being a mother.

Be a Mother. Be a Woman. Be You.

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